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At 13 weeks pregnant, your baby is growing and so are you! A lot is going on within your body and your baby this week. Without further delay, let's see what to expect:

Baby Development:

Your baby is now size of a peapod

week 13 baby development

All mothers look forward to laughter and the very first words of their baby. Well, then you must remember this week since your baby has developed vocal cords. The 13-week fetus is the size of a lemon and weighs around 25gms. Your baby's head was half the size of its body but is finding a balance as it is now 1/3 of the body size. The spleen is working to produce red blood cells. The skin of the baby at 13 weeks is very thin and transparent but fine hair called lanugo is starting to grow. The baby has developed its unique fingerprints this week. The 13-week ultrasound might not detect the child's sex but using a Doppler machine yo could hear its heartbeat. 13-week ultrasound could detect the risk of Down syndrome in the baby.

Body Changes

A 13 weeks pregnant belly could show a small baby bump as your womb is expanding up and out of your pelvis. Lucky for you, the womb is also shifting away from the bladder, so your urge to urinate frequently will soon disappear. There is a lot of blood being pumped at the pelvic area which might increase your thirst and libido. You might feel a 13 weeks pregnant belly still soft, but it's going to all change once the belly starts to grow.

Find your due date/Calculating your due date:

Unless you've been tracking your ovulation, for a health practitioner to exactly know when you ovulated and conceived is hard to say. Most women ovulate about two weeks after the first day of their period. So, to calculate a standard timing, most health practitioners calculate the due date from the first day of your last menstrual period.

Due Date Calculator

13 weeks pregnant symptoms:

The usual symptoms like morning sickness, food cravings and aversions, a heightened sense of smell, mood swings, a white milky pregnancy vaginal discharge and light spotting are common. Seek medical advice for any bleeding at 13 weeks pregnant. 13 weeks pregnant cramping is usually around the side of the belly caused due to expanding womb. If you notice heavy cramping or pain consult a doctor.

Pregnancy SymptomsHere are a few more symptoms you might experience
  1. Swollen and bleeding gums
  2. Nosebleeds
  3. Bloating and constipation
  4. Indigestion and heartburn
  5. Sore breasts
  6. Swollen hands and feet
  7. Brown patches on the face called the 'mask of pregnancy'
  8. Thicker and shinier hair

Tips for You This Week

You can support your body to prepare for pregnancy by following the tips below:

Your body is more susceptible to colds and flu when you're expecting. Boost your immune system with Vit C and a healthy balanced diet. Wash your hands often and use sanitizer before touching foreign objects. If you are prone to stretch marks, you might not be able to avoid them. All you can do is to apply a good moisturizer from the time your belly starts to grow and help stretch marks to fade quickly.

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