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5 week pregnant? Then, welcome to the embryonic period of development. You've already missed your period and most women find out about their pregnancy this week. Here are all the exciting changes you would notice during this period:

Baby Development:

Your baby is now in sesame seed size

week 5 baby development

Size of baby at 5 weeks is of an apple seed. The embryo has lengthened to take the form of a tadpole. A neural tube is running vertically which is going to be the brain and spinal cord. The centre of the embryo heart is taking its shape. Several other systems like digestive and circulatory are developing at this stage. The yolk sac is replaced by the umbilical cord. The 5-week fetus, i.e the embryo is not visible through ultrasound, however, the amniotic sac which grew into placenta will be visible through transvaginal ultrasound.

Body Changes

5 weeks pregnant belly is the same as during 3 to 5 weeks pregnant. No visible changes but internally there is a load of hormonal changes. Your body might show few signs which we will discuss in detail in the symptoms section.

5 weeks pregnant symptoms:

Cramping and backache: Your uterus is expanding which may cause mild cramping and backaches. 5 weeks pregnant cramping is not associated with bleeding. Heavy cramps associated with heavy bleeding or no bleeding can be signs of miscarriage at 5 weeks, consult the doctor immediately.

Light spotting: light spotting or brown discharge at 5 weeks pregnant can be implantation bleeding or due to irritation caused by the sensitive cervix after sex. Visit the doctor if the bleeding seems heavy and unusual.

Frequent urinals: Your kidneys have expanded due to the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin. This causes frequent urination.

Change in food habits: You may develop cravings and aversions to certain foods that you previously enjoyed.

Find your due date/Calculating your due date:

Unless you've been tracking your ovulation, for a health practitioner to exactly know when you ovulated and conceived is hard to say. Most women ovulate about two weeks after the first day of their period. So, to calculate a standard timing, most health practitioners calculate the due date from the first day of your last menstrual period.

Due Date Calculator

Other common signs of pregnancy at 5 weeks:

Pregnancy SymptomsHere are a few number of common symptoms a woman may notice throughout her Pregnancy Symptoms Week 5.
  1. Sore breasts
  2. Morning sickness
  3. Fatigue
  4. Constipation
  5. Mood swings

Tips for You This Week

You can support your body to prepare for pregnancy by following the tips below:

Pregnancy emotions can be a roller-coaster ride. So, have plenty of rest and sleep. Treat the cramps with warm water baths. Stay clear of smoking and alcohol. Stay away from second-hand smoking. You might notice excessive salivation. Keep chewing sugarless gum to keep your mouth dry. Stay away from cleaning your pet's litter box. Schedule teeth cleaning session with a dentist since most women develop periodontal issues during pregnancy. However, any dental X Rays must be avoided during pregnancy. Prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications are a no-no during pregnancy. Let your doctor know about all medicines, vitamins, supplements, and herbs you are on.

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