Week by week Pregnancy Diet: Sixth Week Diet


Diet & Exercise

A balanced diet with high-fibre foods and plenty of water intake is a must. Avoid eating for two and maintain the calories around 2,000 per day for moderately active women.

    Foods good for you:

  1. 8 to 12 ounces of well-cooked Seafood each week
  2. Fortified cereals and other grain-based foods
  3. Lean meat, fish and eggs
  4. Pulses like beans and lentils
  5. Wholegrain brown rice and quinoa.
  6. Whole-grain bread, crackers and pasta
  7. Low-fat milk, cheese and yoghurt
  8. Tofu and soy products.
  9. Calcium-rich foods like broccoli, okra, mustard greens, beans and kale.z
  10. Zinc-rich foods like shrimp, crab, oysters, meat, fish, dairy products, beans, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, ginger and onions
  11. Iron-rich foods like dried beans, dried fruits like apricots, dark green vegetables like spinach, millets and oats.


  1. Undercooked or raw meat
  2. Unpasteurised dairy products
  3. Liver and liver products
  4. Mould-ripened soft cheeses
  5. Fish with high levels of mercury
  6. Spicy or greasy foods
  7. Processed food
  8. Raw sprouts
  9. Unwashed fruits and vegetables
  10. 30 minutes of physical activity for at least five days of the week is healthy for yourself and your baby. Low impact aerobics, walking, swimming and yoga are a great start. Do not let your heart rate exceed 140 beats per minute while exercising. Stationary cycling is recommended as opposed to regular cycling which has a risk of causing injuries.

    Exercises to avoid:

  1. Heavyweight training
  2. Exercises lying on your back or stomach
  3. Abdominal strengthening exercises
  4. High-impact sports
  5. Exercise may be harmful if you have an obstetric condition like a weak cervix. Consult your doctor for exercise recommendations according to the condition of your body.


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